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Remote Database Info Invalid

ACT 2005 Error: "Failed to Synchronize with Server. Remote database information is invalid."  




 Question   You are attempting to use Application Synchronization with several remote users. When the Remote user initiates the synchronization you receive the following error message: 


"Failed to Synchronize with Server. 

   Remote database information is invalid." 


-The synchronization may have been successful from a different remote user.   




This error will result if a unique Remote database was not created for each remote user, if the name of the remote computer is changed or if you are attempting to synchronize with more than one unique Remote database created with the same user name. 


        If a unique remote database was not created for each remote user, copies of the current Remote database must be deleted and a unique Remote database created for each remote user. 

        If the name of a remote computer was changed, this computer name must be changed back --or-- a new Remote database must be created for this remote user. Please refer to your Operating System documentation for information on changing your computer name.

        If you receive this error when attempting to synchronize with more than one unique Remote database created with the same user name, a new unique Remote database, with a unique user name, must be created for all but one of the duplicate remote users. Click the Tools menu, and then click Manage Users to define the selected sync user name(s) in the Publisher database (if necessary). 


Applies to:

ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups (7.0.x)

ACT! 2006 Premium for Workgroups (8.0.x)

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