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How to update ACT! 2k5

How To Download and Apply the Latest Update for ACT! 2005   



You unsuccessfully attempt to update ACT! by clicking ACT! Update from the Help menu -- or -- You would like to update ACT! using the manual download file from the ACT! Support web site.   



To ensure that the download and installation of the update file proceeds with minimal interference, it is recommended that you restart your system in Windows Selective Startup mode before beginning this process. This is not required, however, if you have experienced issues with downloading or installing software in the past, restarting in Windows Selective Startup mode may prevent unnecessary delays installing the update file. For detailed information on restarting your computer in Windows Selective Startup mode, refer to the following Knowledge Base document:


Title: How To Restart in Windows Selective Startup Mode


You can download ACT! 7.0.4 from the site, by pointing your Web browser to the ACT! Support Downloads web page at <>


In the Updates section of this web page, click the link appropriate for your Edition and Location. The actual file names are listed below:



        Australia (AU) - ACT704PremAUUpdate.exe

        Canada (CA) - ACT704PremCAUpdate.exe

        Europe (EU) - ACT704PremEUUpdate.exe

        Latin America (LA) - ACT704PremLAUpdate.exe

        United Kingdom (UK) - ACT704PremUKUpdate.exe

        United States (US) - ACT704PremUSUpdate.exe 



        Australia (AU) - ACT704StandAUUpdate.exe

        Canada (CA) - ACT704StandCAUpdate.exe

        Europe (EU) - ACT704StandEUUpdate.exe

        Latin America (LA) - ACT704StandLAUpdate.exe

        United Kingdom (UK) - ACT704StandUKUpdate.exe

        United States (US) - ACT704StandUSUpdate.exe 


Note: To download the update from The ACT! Support web site, you may need to create an ACT! Profile. 

1.        Back up all ACT! 2005 databases on your computer. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base document for detailed information:

Title: How to Back Up and Restore an ACT! 2005 Database

2.        Close ACT! 

3.        Once you have downloaded the update file, double-click it to start the update. The Unpacking ACTUpdate704 window appears.

4.        When the files have been unpacked, the following Question will appear. 

5.        Click Yes if you have a current back up of your databases. Click No to stop the update. Create a backup of all your databases before updating ACT!. The InstallShield Wizard - Welcome dialog box appears.

6.        Click Next to start the update. The InstallShield Wizard - Setup Status window appears. 

7.        Once the update is finished, the InstallShield Wizard - InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog box appears.

8.        Click Finish to complete the wizard, and then restart your computer to complete the update.

Note: During the update of ACT! 2005 to the 7.0.4 version, the installed ACT! 2005 Palm and/or Pocket PC Links are not automatically updated. You must update the ACT! Link 2005 software separately. Refer to the links at the bottom of this document for detailed instructions. 

9.        Once you have updated the ACT! 2005 program, you will need to open all databases to update the structure of each. The database will update automatically once you open it. This update takes approximately 3-5 minutes.Use the following steps:

Warning: If you have activities that roll over, it is important to cancel the Roll over request and complete the Time Zone adjustment before re-opening your database and clicking OK to the Roll over activities prompt. Failure to update the Time Zone adjustment before you roll over activities, may result in duplicate activities. 

a.        Launch ACT!.

b.        Open the database you would like to update. The following dialog box appears.

c.        Click Yes to continue. The following window appears.

d.        When the update is complete, the following message window appears. 

e.        Click Yes to compete the update and open your database. Your database may open with the Alarm window containing activities that were cleared prior to the update. Close the Alarm window by clicking the in the upper-right corner of the Alarm window, and then Back Up your database. 

f.        Close ACT!.

10.        After you have updated the database you will need to ensure that the Time Zone settings are correct for each user. Use the following steps:

a.        Close ACT!

b.        Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears. 

c.        In the Open field, type act7diag, and then click OK. The ACT! 2005 Diagnostics utility launches.

d.        Click the Databases button in the lower left corner. The Databases view appears. 

e.        Click to the left of the database that was just updated. (as illustrated above). 

f.        Click the Actions menu, point to Database Fixes, point to Activities Time Zone, and then click Change Time Zone. The following Database Logon dialog box appears. 

g.        Log on to the database. The following ACT! dialog box appears.

Hint: If unsure of your user name, open your database. The My Record appears. The name in the Contact field is your user name.

h.        Click Yes to continue (you made a backup earlier in the process.) The Time Zone Change dialog box appears.

i.        In the ACT! User list,clickthe user that requires time zone changes.

j.        In theTime Zone list, click the correct time zone, and then click Apply Change. The following ACT! dialog box appears.

k.        Click Yes to apply the time zone changes. The following ACT! message box appears.

l.        Click OK. The Time Zone Change dialog box appears.

m.        Click Exit to close, and then close the ACT! 2005 Diagnostics utility.

n.        Repeat procedure 4 for each of your databases

o.        Launch ACT! to view the changes.


Updating ACT! 2005 does NOT update the reports included with your ACT! 2005 software.

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