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Cyberforms:"Current.dbf does not exist"

Cyberforms: "Current.dbf Does Not Exist" error when opening Cyberforms


Last Review: September 6, 2006



Sales User opens Cyberforms and immediately receives an error that states Current.dbf is missing and asks if they should be created. 



This issue can be the symptom of other issues including but not limited to: hard-disc failure, a failed previous sync or a malicious computer virus. When in doubt, please contact CyberForms Technical Support at or 866-892-5060.



1) Hard-disc failure

2) Failed partial synchronization

3) Malicious Computer Virus



To rule out causes 1 & 3, please contact your IT or support department.


Resolution for cause #2 or otherwise:




!!! Before continuing with following steps, please backup the following folders: C:\Costshet\Activity\, C:\Costshet\Backup\, and C:\Costshet\Deals\ - to a safe location other than the client computer (The recommended location is at the root of the CyberForms Shared Drive in a folder with the user's last name). IF backing up to the server is not possible or realistic, please backup the folders to the root of the C:\ drive.


1) Close CyberForms without creating new databases.


2) Browse to C:\Costshet\Activity\. The current.dbf file should be great than 25 KB in size. If it is not, check the C:\Costshet\Backup\ folder, and each Backup   

    sub-folder for a larger Current.dbf file.


3) If the Current.dbf in the C:\Costshet\Activity\ folder is NOT larger than 25 KB:


    a) browse to C:\Costshet\Backup\ and look for a Current.dbf larger than 25 KB (be sure to check the Backup1, 2, 3, and 4 subfolders as well)


    b) IF one of the folders in C:\Costshet\Backup\ contains a larger than 25 KB current.dbf, we can copy the contents of the folder to c:\Costshet\Activity\    

       AFTER backing up C:\Costshet\Activity\, C:\Costshet\Backup\ and C:\Costshet\Deals\ to a safe location. BEWARE! More than one folder in

       c:\Costshet\Backup\ may contain Current.dbf files larger than 25 KB, we will need to copy and check each set of files after the aforementioned   

      backup procedure.


    c) Clues to finding most up-to-date Current.dbf files: 1-Check for the larger-most recently dated file in the C:\Costshet\Backup\ folder(s).


    d) Copy contents of Backup folder containing larger most-up-to-date Current.dbf file to C:\Costshet\Activity.


    e) Open CyberForms to check the information is correct.


    f) If the Current Activity appears to be returned to an accurate state, you are done.


    g) If the Current Activity does not appear to be correct, repeat steps a-e for each folder in c:\Costshet\Backup\. If none of the information contained in these backup folder appears to contain the correct information, a restore from backup tape may be necessary. Please contact CyberForms Support to confirm.


4) If the Current.dbf in the C:\Costshet\Activity\ folder is larger than 25 KB:


    a) Follow recommended steps to backup C:\Costshet\Activity\, C:\Costshet\Backup\, and C:\Costshet\Deals\ before continuing to step b.


    b) Click on Start --> Programs --> CyberForms --> Rebuild and Merge Activity Folders.


    c) You will be asked to confirm each of two steps by clicking OK.  Click OK each time it appears.


    d) After completion of 2nd of two steps, you will be asked if you would like to open CyberForms; click appropriate button to open CyberForms.


    e) Current Activity should be restored to an accurate state. If it is not, please follow sub-steps contained in step 3 above.




Cyberforms 4.20






Does not exist

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