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Creating custom menu items in ACT 2005

How to Add a Custom Document Template to the Write Menu



 You would like to add your own document templates to the Write Menu and need to know the steps in order to do this.



You can add custom items to any ACT! 2005 menu.


Once your custom document template has been created, follow the steps below to add this item to the Write menu:


   1. Click the Tools menu, point to Customize, and then click Menus and Toolbars. The Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog box appears.

   2. Under the Custom Commands tab, click the New button.

   3. Enter a Command name and (optional) Tooltip text, and then click the Browse button. An Open dialog box appears.

   4. Change the Files of type to All files (*.*), navigate to and Open the file that you wish to add to your menu. The Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog box reappears with the file path to the selected file displayed in the Command line field (as illustrated above).

   5. Click the Icon button (if desired) to change the icon associated with this custom command.

   6. Click the Add Command button. Your Command name and Tooltip text appear in the main window (as illustrated above).

   7. Click the Commands tab.

      From the list of Categories, click the Custom Commands item. Your custom command appears in the Commands pane.

   8. Click and drag your custom command to the desired menu. The menu will expand as you drag over it allowing you to drop your custom item into the desired location on the menu (as illustrated above). 

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